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Reese Rivers’ site

Hi, I’m Reese. I'm a number of years old, I live in a country and I know HTML. I speak English and Esperanto, and my pronouns are they/them.

This website is sort of a catalogue of stuff I’ve done. Take a look, wary traveler... if you dare.

Bitmap Fonts

Sometimes if I'm really bored (or if someone’s asked me to) I make pixel fonts. Here are some of the ones I’m responsible for, and where you can download them.

Game Localisations

Captain Viridian holding an Esperanto flag next to Baba.

I’ve done official Esperanto-language translations for the following games:

If you’d like to contact me to translate your game into Esperanto, contact me at “reesetherivers” at that one mail service owned by Google. I’m so good at evading spambots.

* Coming in a future update.

Other stuff?

I’m planning to put other things here as well as needed, so be on the lookout for that.

This website is hosted on Neocities.